Short and long-term San Javier Airport parking

San Javier Airport’s Low cost, short and long-term parking service.
We provide you a luxurious budget friendly parking service whenever you decide to travel by plane from The San Javier Murcia Airport.

We take care of your car while you travel, pick and deliver it in the San Javier Airport, thus offering you all the comfort you need. Enjoy our unique and exclusive parking service provided in private parking spaces. We protect your car against robbery, dust, excessive cold or warmth within our 24 hours indoor protected parking with the help of our concierge, alarm and video surveillance.


Punctuality is being on time, assuring our clients the security of picking and delivering their car at the agreed time.

Surveillance Parking

The parking space is guarded by our alarms, video cameras and concierge 24 hours a day. Enjoy your trip while we take care of your car.

Low Cost Parking Space

The only indoor parking space within all the area! We take care of your car at equal or even more economical prices than the outdoor parking places.

Free basic cleaning

Free basic cleaning service which avoids dust, saves water and takes care of all the car’s paint types. We will deliver your car at the airport with a clean exterior.

How does it work?

You will find in our services the best parking option of San Javier’s Murcia Airport.

1º Contact us and make a reservation

For reservations please call +34 648 083 232 or send an e-mail at We will send a confirmation e-mail containing the detailed picking and delivering information of your car.

2º Picking the car at the airport

At your requested date and hour, one of our drivers, whom you can easily identify by the blue vest with InsideParking's logo and with the San Javier parking card, will pick your car without any waiting. In order to guarantee your car’s integrity, a checking of its interior and exterior will be assured. We recommend taking into consideration this aspect, and calculating a margin of time, as the procedure might take on for a couple of minutes.

3º Enjoy your trip, your car will be totally safe

From the moment you receive a signed copy of your car’s auditorium, we will take custody of it and safely park it in our 24 hours/365 days a year guarded indoor parking space. In case of damages within our custody we benefit of full liability insurance and will respond with maximum coverage and speed.

4º Fast delivering

At the time and date of your choosing, one of our perfectly identifiable drivers will wait at your arrival gate and will immediately deliver your car keys. It is the when you have to pay for our services. We recommend cash payment, since most of the time communication errors occur because of the airport’s interfering waves.

Do you have any questions? We can help!

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The only indoor parking space of San Javier Murcia Airport area!

If you wish, you can book an open ticket. If you do not have a return plane ticket, you can leave your vehicle in our San Javier Murcia parking place and when you return we assure that your car will be ready for picking up. (Check prices. Tel.: 648 083 232)

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